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TMC was commissioned by a Cyprus based property developer to organise a series of roadshows across the UK to promote their holiday homes portfolio. Our remit was to:

  • Design the screen presentation graphics
  • Create a promotional video
  • Author and produce DVDs as hand-outs to visitors attending the various events
  • Design and produce roll-up display systems
  • Design a series of press advertisements
  • Design and print property brochures

The challenge we faced was a lack of content and source material from the client and a frugal budget to deliver the required elements.


the Image Refinery at work


Creating an eight minute promotional video with nothing more than a bulleted list of key phrases and a handful of photographs and artists impressions called upon a considerable amount of thinking outside the box.


Our first port of call was the Cyprus Tourism Organisation who kindly allowed us to incorporate footage from their destination video. After some deft editing we produced a four minute montage introducing the charms of Cyprus. The following four minutes incorporated further CTO clips interspersed with the client's photographs enhanced with pan, zoom and fade effects. With the timline established we scripted audio to synchronize with the video, recorded the lyrical voice-over, added some evocative music and voila!

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