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Marketing To Go is a PR and marketing company based in Hertfordshire. They are our oldest client and their managing director has commissioned work from us, across all media disciplines, since the formation of Savage Consulting and latterly the Image Refinery. And prior to that, since the mid 80's when Kevin was sales manager for a major commercial printing company.


Marketing To Go clients are primarily from the tourism and hospitality industry, with their recent focus directed towards businesses in the Hertfordshire area.


To deliver best practice for MTG clients we operate as a behind-the-scenes additional resource to enhance their own skills-set when collaborative input is required on a project. On occasions when MTG identify an enquiry that only requires the expertise of the Image Refinery, they will refer the information to us and we deal directly with their client.


This transparency means increased efficiency and client confidence, as the communication chain is reduced to the minimun. It has afforded us the opportunity to work on various projects from small, ad hoc design and print jobs, to strategic campaigns running over a number of years, encompassing all aspects of visual communications.




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