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Adobe Systems Inc.


Anagram is the resident AV production company at Battersea Evolution - venue for the British Travel Awards Gala Evening. We have worked with them for a number of years creating video and presentation content for this event. We have also collaborated with them staging smaller workshops and corporate seminars.


A pretty uneventful Friday at the office was drawing to a close when the phone rang around 5 o’clock. On the line was Anagram’s production director Pete Harding, “Kev I’ve got some Powerpoint decks that need tidying up for a conference that starts on Monday. This is the address for the FTP site where you can access the files, can you help me out?” As is our way, yes was the automatic response before analysing what would be involved.


It transpired that the conference was the Adobe Summit 2013-Digital Marketing Conference at ExCel London. The Powerpoint decks had been created by various speakers and apparently when Adobe’s corporate identity police reviewed the presentations they weren't best pleased.


There was a catalogue of errors across 18 decks totalling 633 slides: wrong fonts used, deviation from the layout templates, graphics and images were copied and pasted from webpages and therefore too small to reproduce as large screen projections.


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