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Robert Greenyer
Location - Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, India
the Image Refinery - Chief Operations Officer
GreenChild Image Solutions Pvt Ltd - Managing Director

Location: Brno, Czech Republic
InterMoca s.r.o. - Managing Director


We first met Bob in late 90s, when chance happened upon us working opposite sides of the wall separating our offices. He holds bachelors of Engineering and Manufacturing Engineering degrees from Brunel University, London. We soon established that our skills in visual communications - whilst divergent - had a synergy that could benefit both our businesses by collaborating on various projects.

When 3D animation and motion capture were still a "dark art", only available to organisations with infinite budgets, Bob and his team were developing software to make these communication channels a reality for SME's and the wider market.

He has worked in the pharmaceuticals, advertising, adult education and finance industries working with several well-known blue chip companies along the way. His roles have ranged from product and application design and delivery to corporate image and branding.

In 2006 Bob moved to the Czech Republic where he later set up InterMoca s.r.o. who are developing cutting edge applications and software for the high-end animation, film and games market.

Never one to let the grass grow under his feet, Bob then moved to Southern India where he founded Greenchild Imaging Solutions. The company is an animation and smart device application development business creating home grown products for areas as diverse as entertainment, linguistics and health. Under the Image Refinery banner Bob's team also support our web development, online and video editing services, working to design briefs, layouts and storeyboards created in our UK office.

An ideas man and communicator, he principally spends his time in work and play between the UK, Czech Republic and Southern India. He is deeply interested in science and technology that has the ability to make the world better and more fun. Bob has a young daughter and 2 month son and he wants them and their children to enjoy the same rich world he loves.

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