As creatives

we develop your vision

As wordsmiths

we forge public opinion




As artworkers

we draw in your audience



As producers

we deliver best value




we are the image refinery...

Typically our clients are start up, micro to medium sized enterprises or professionals from the communications industry who add value to their business by incorporating our skills-set within their service offering.


Whether you're looking to commission online, on-screen or printed assets, your project is personally directed by the Image Refinery's founders Kevin and Julie Savage. Between us we have a wealth of experience developing client's ideas into visual identities and tangible marketing assets. Our talented cooperative of graphic designers, artworkers, web developers, programmers, analyists and production experts span generations to deliver innovative, effective solutions in one cohesive package encompassing all marketing service disciplines.


P.S. It's said a website is "your shop window to the world" at the moment ours is undergoing significant "merchandising".


To find out how we can assist in developing your image and building your business please get in touch.


Email: kevin@image-refinery.com
Phone: 01444 232540

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